About Me

Martin Tomes

I first took an interest in photography in my teens. My first attempt was black and white film, shot on my father's camera, which I developed myself. I then splashed out on a basic SLR and got started on making pictures using colour slides and black and white film.

Over the years I have mainly shot landscapes and particularly enjoy making panoramic shots. Recently I've been moving away from literal images to more abstract work, usually by moving the camera during the exposure (Intentional Camera Movement).

I love printing, and make high quality Giclée prints on an Epson A2 printer. A photograph isn't finished until it is reproduced on paper.

I'm a member of the Royal Photographic Society, serving on the RPS Digital Imaging Group committee. I have been awarded an LRPS. I am a member of Storrington Camera Club and Bognor Regis Camera Club.